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6128 Plus BASIC problem?

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Looking for some help.

This lovely little slideshow will Run on the 6128 but not the 6128 Plus - it displays the loading screen but then locks - any idea why?
I've Listed the BASIC loader in the video below.

Dsk file at CPCPOWER:

Possibly using an undocumented CRTC trick that the Plus didn't support?


Anything in the BASIC program look "iffy"?

Not sure about a CRTC trick - it makes no attempt at all to load the Mode 2 screens ::)

The machine code loading section is messy, and the error line variable (L) cannot point to the correct DATA statement.
Did someone do a "RENUM" without altering variable L? It should start at 40 and be incremented by 10..

Hi @Animalgril987 ,

Thanks for the reply,

No, no change to the original 1990 code. Possibly it was written before the author ever saw a Plus and never had a chance to Run it on one?
I've worked round the problem by recording it on a 6128 and it works fine on that :)




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