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Hi all

Was just wondering if anyone knows of a site with downloadable .dsk images of the Amstrad Action cover tapes on itat all? Failing that, is it possible to somehow convert .cdt images of them into .dsk images? If so, how would I go about doing this? I only ask, as I don't have an external tape player that I can attach to my 6128 and therefore have no other way of doing it. Alternatively has anyone else already got copies of the AA tapes on disc and would be willing to either lend them to me so that I can copy them, or post .dsk images of them online so that I can download them myself?

Converting them is almost trivial; most of them have a tape-to-disc option in the menu. You can just run the tape in an emulator and transfer straight to a dsk image :)

As @pelrun mentioned, most of them could be transferred to Disk.

Some of the exceptions were:-

Defenders of Earth
Famous Five (Side B of that covertape which had City Slicker was transferrable to disk, though Famous Five was one of those games where if you ordered the Disk from Ablex, you'd get the Graphical version).
The Blues Brothers

which needed to be ordered through Ablex Audio Video.

At some point I thought AA did away with the Tape to Disk transfer.
I recall AA had Stormlord available for transferring to disc, but had forgot to include the Tape-to-Disk transfer program. Finally it made an appearance in AA101 type-ins. Elite similarly didn't have an transfer to disc program at all and like many people at the time I recall the loader tying to load the files from Disc, some people said that it didn't work, when they used JL-Copy to transfer the program to Disc, but for me it worked fine.

Then came:

Cybernoid 2

Those 3 games used a Headerless Loader with a counter to display how long till the game would be loaded. There was no Tape-to-Disk program, so some knowledge of Headerless loaders to load the files, but these games were tricky to transfer to disk since a Second File (larger than 17Kb) had to be trimmed and saved to the Main file, just to have them working on disc.

Uridium was a straightforward JL-Copy (Tape 22 if your wondering), Zynaps was the same I think. I'm unsure if Ikari Warriors had a Transfer program, but I think Fantasy World Dizzy did, as did the following games (until AAs demise I think).

Only game I'm not sure about if it was Transferrable to Disk or not is Mystical (because I missed that issue!).

And of course, almost every game on the covertapes have a normal disk version you could download from CPC-Power.

Thanks for the replies pelrun and AMSDOS. I wondered if you could just run the tape in an emulator and transfer straight to a dsk image. I did try and load a tape cdt image in winape earlier, but I couldn't get it to load it for some reason. Not sure what I am doing wrong? Have I got to type in |tape first or something like that?


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