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Azimut Locator program tap file? need help

Started by mark25810, 15:32, 21 May 22

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Hi there i have posted in another category on how alot of games on tape are not loading, but some are and the ones that are no i know should be working. i changed the drive belt today but thats not changed anything and cleaned the heads.

Someone mentioned  Azimut Locator program but i can only find the dsk file and ive no idea how i can use that on my amstrad. i thought i could load it from my phone using the car tape adapter that i can use to load some games but the apps can only load tape files.

anyone any ideas as it must be the alignment that is wrong


its ok i decided to loosen and tighten the alignment screw without the software and got it to work pretty much now, some games wont load certain side but this must be the tape

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