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Can anyone recommend Android software for playback of CDT files?


Hi All,
I'm the proud owner of a new CPC 464. I also have a line out to cassette adapter, and I have a spare Android phone (A Galaxy S4).
I'm currently using TapDancer to playback CDT files, but it's a bit "crashy". Are there any other available apps to play back CDT files under Android? (I can also use a newer phone of there's a particularly interesting app).

What I don't want is to buy any additional hardware at this point (I'm saving for an upgrade to give me more RAM and a virtual floppy disk) so this is only a quick "Am I using the best solution for what I have on hand".

I also acknowledge that I may actually be using the best solution available.

Let me know!



I've got a webapp just for that, works fine from the phone browser!

Thanks for that, Pelrun!
I'll give that a go.


--- Quote from: pelrun on 06:13, 26 December 20 ---I've got a webapp just for that, works fine from the phone browser!

--- End quote ---
Ha, was loading the demo 464 tape on your page just two days ago!


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