Can you hexedit the Parados rom to change parameters

Started by Bignumbas, 01:48, 28 February 17

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I want to edit the Paradv2m.rom to make permanent changes to the parameters for the drives.
This rom has both drives set to Amstrads default cf2 drive parameters.
From my days hacking with a hex editor.....

It says in the pdos-ddb.xt file "To make a permanent change, change to ROM at address #1c00 (DDB) or #1c03 (DPB)."
I have Paradvm2.rom set to Amstrads default drive parameters.

What I find at 1c00 is "E5 21 10 00 39 7E FE 2E"
Shouldn't what I find be all 0's.
Where am I going wrong  :-\
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I've checked the original Parados 1.1 + 1.2 from the Parados/WinApe-Homepage, so it's the same problem.
Maybe the adresses are valid for the Parados 1.0-Version (or older).
So you must figure out the new adresses, or
maybe ask Executioner, if he can update the document.



Parados Version 1.2 Modifications.

So that the Drive B defaults to 40 Track Single sided.
and then you can use Parados to make adjustments to the drive setup.
To make the "B" drive default to 40 Track Single sided.
Modify the byte at &3ffe  from &03 to &00 (drive B).
and alter the Checksum Byte at &3fff from &E5 to &E2

X-MEM, a new memory expansion for all CPC.

Look at Reply 659

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OK, thanks I will have another try tomorrow.
That's a completely different address.
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