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Copying 3.5" to 3" Disks

Started by simondo, 15:38, 28 June 21

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50% of my original 3" games disks do not work, either corrupted or read fail. I want to transfer these games from 3.5" disk (CPCDiskXP) to good 3" disks.

I have DD-1 and FD-1 with 3.5" drive connected, 3.5" has ABBA switch. FD-1 head clean, FD-1 belt ok, RPM ok and known good 3" disks used.

I have not been able to get Discology or Nirvana to copy because they do not pick up that I have 2 drives A and B. Switching drives with ABBA switch manually between read and write  does not work. This has been covered here'-disc/msg125336/#msg125336 and here'-to-3'-disc-copy/msg60350/#msg60350. I don't think any solution was ever reached.

Short of Connecting 3" drive to floppy port in my PC  that I use for CPCDiskXP, is there a way to copy 3.%" disks to 3" disks.


If the 3.5" versions are Amstrad data/system format Discology, Xexor or Nirvana will do the job - Nirvana on ROM automatically detects if two drives are in use.


use RASM, the best (and fastest) assembler ever made


Thanks for the replies. :)

I will try Discology and Nirvana ROMs as suggested as software version of Discology does not recognise 2 drives and requires ABBA switching to read then write and because of last position just does not work. Software version of Nirvana does detect 2 drives but similar issue.

Iwill also try Disc+Ulta as suggested.

Thanks again.



Managed to copy 3.5" to 3" with Discology 6 on ROM as kindly suggested  :) [size=78%]. A[/size][/size]lthough fully copied couln't get original dump to run, probly copy protection issue.[size=78%]


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