Deuligne (Twoline) Basic code for 1 hour of video

Started by Nemo59, 21:29, 31 August 22

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Shorter is the program, longer is the video ;D

A "deuligne" was a popular challenge in a French weekly of the 80s which consisted in writing a program in only 2 lines of Basic language on the 8-bit computers of the time. I create this one en 2022. My prefered sequence is at 49'42".

1 DEFINT a-z:t=INT(3.99+9*RND):MODE 1: BORDER 0: INK 0,0:C=20:L=13:a=(a+1) MOD 15:c$=CHR$(-((a=0)*205+(a=1)*238+(a=2)*233+(a=3)*200+(a=4)*159+(a=5)*144+(a=6)*201+(a=7)*204+(a=8)*127+(a=9)*206+(a=10)*207+(a=11)*212+(a=12)*202+(a=13)*253+(a=14)*61))
2 PEN RND*5:i=RND*t:j=RND*t:LOCATE c-i,l-j:PRINT c$:LOCATE c-j,l-i:PRINT c$:LOCATE c+i,l+j:PRINT c$:LOCATE c+j,l+i:PRINT c$:LOCATE c+j,l-i:PRINT c$:LOCATE c+i,l-j:PRINT c$:LOCATE c-j,l+i:PRINT c$:LOCATE c-i,l+j:PRINT c$:IF RND < 0.001THEN 1 ELSE 2

CPC 6128+ / CPM+/ Turbo PASCAL v3


You mean 49:43 ? I prefert 8:11 and 1:01:19 ! :-\
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