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help ghost n goblins demo for my 6128 plus

Started by Raizing77, 20:55, 04 August 22

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hi everyone i have a problem modifying the amstrad cartridge to use the ghost n goblins demo on my 6128 plus

I modify the crp file in bin with crptools but once inserted the cartridge does not start
does anyone have a file already modified in bin of this ghost n goblins demo?

I have already put the jumpers to the cartridge on lk2 lk4 to use the eprom 27c4001 if you wonder
I tried other 512 games and they always give me the same problem they don't go.
thanks to who helps me


Did you forget to put the jumper on LK6?

27C4001  32   512K   LK6 (A15=A15=Address)  LK4 (A17=A17=Address)  LK2 (A18=A18=Address)


hello no I have not forgotten.
and that being a cartridge that originally mounted the 27c1001 already connected


hello everyone i solved
it was connected on the lk1 board
I had to cut the track and now the 512kb roms start perfectly


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