Is there a way to store images in ZX format? (Or even smaller size)

Started by Brundij, 03:00, 30 May 20

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Since I'm doing these loading screens compilations with the new loader I learned how to display a spectrum size image properly altering crtc registers. I don't really know how the crtc works but I know the register values for that screen size.The thing is, when I load one of these images in an editor they look like this:

or this:

or this:

which is basically the image stored in a linear fashion in the standard paper size and filled with trash pixels or simply leaving it empty. Just out of curiosity in the first image the trash pixels in the hex data of the scr file show a pattern like this and similar ones which are 512*8 bytes:


so I think is the program they used to edit and store the images which does that.
The thing is: Is there any way to store images in this way? I've trying to find information and I only can find stuff about overscan images. I also asked in other forums but with no luck. No one could tell me how to do so.

This kind of images were not only used on Speccy ports, there are also mode 0 ones:

And even smaller ones. This is the smallest one I found so far:

So any help would be appreciated.


Ok, after more than a year asking around in forums about this issue I discovered some days ago, I had the answer always at hand in Photoshop.
I only had to do the proccess of copy and paste portions of 256x8 px from a 256x192 image once, on a template I created that mimics the order an image is stored in memory. Then the actions tool in Photoshop automatizes the process. The process is repeatable with any image as long it has the same size, and is located in the same coordinates on the template. If someone is curious about, here is a clip I made using a drawing of mine where you can see how it works.

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