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Started by Uzeless, 21:15, 18 January 17

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Hi all,

I've recently been downloading .CDT files and converting them to .WAV and transferring them to physical tape to play on my CPC464 with good results.
My problem lies with the fact that most of the ROM's I download are in .DSK format. I have loaded the .DSK files into JavaCPC to convert them into .CDT files and then to .WAV but it doesn't seem to be working for some reason. I think the problem lies with the fact that there are numerous files within the .DSK image and I may be writing them to .CDT in the wrong order.
Is there a particular order the .CRU .BIN .MAP .SCR etc... files have to be written to the .CDT image for it to work, or do I just do them in the order that they ahow up in the DSK2CDT window?

Many thanks in advance.



Convert dsk to cdt is not so easy. Better find cdt ready to use.
Try upload this:  about 35MB.
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DSK files are disk files, so the chances to make it work from tape are slim.

You should look for games in CDT or WAV format for use on your CPC464.

Oh, and welcome!


Ok good keep on with the cdts. There are many on almost all of the games have them now.

Converting from dsk is painful and not likely to work easily. The only way to know the load order is to look at the loader and work it out, but then it may not work because it may assume it's loading from disc.

Another alternative are one file games made by cngsoft. He has taken all the files and put them together in one.

Use 2cdt to build a cdt and then playtzx or similar to make it into a wav.
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The problem come that tape and disk are very different mediums.
Only very special cases, when the game/program is loaded as files, there is a abstraction layer (firmware) that works nearly in the same way, so you can convert directly files from disk to files on tape.

Even with that, there are differences. Disk is a random access medium (it hasn't order to load files). Tape is sequential. Firmware disk routine use file extensions. Tape don't. Disk routines are quite. Tape don't if you don't use the special character "!". Tape and Disk use different buffers...

So there are important differences even with files.

So, in real, normally you should reprogram the loaders to convert tape to disk or disk to tape. If random access or speed is critical, you probably can not build a identical tape version.

If the game is a classic, the easiest option is the suggestion of other people. Search directly the tape version (.cdt)

But if you are brave and want to make a tape version from yourself, I made a partial guide in spanish in other forum...

It include youtube videos, using my own tool CDTMaster

(see the channel for the 4 videos)


Thank you all for your help. I will take your advice and links and stick with CDT!!!!
My poor 464 has a lot of work to do!!


There are plenty of single load games that are only offered in DSK format on CPC-Power so this would be really useful for people who don't have money for a 6128+Gotek dream setup.

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