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Looking for help - Cassette to .dsk

Started by ComSoft6128, 14:13, 16 December 22

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Can anyone convert this to a .dsk file for me?

"The listing only works on a CPC 464 that does not have a floppy disk drive." - so not 6128 compatible?


Looking at the listing it's sticking it's dithered fill routine smack bang in the middle of the RAM area used by the disc drive between &A900-&AA15. And it hooks the SCR WRITE indirection, blindly jumping to what it assumed was it's original address... which of course is different on 664/6128.

I had a stab at fixing it, and it sort of worked... before crashing during the rendering. No more energy to play with it tonight.


Many thanks but NO rush :),  if ever.


Missed a call. Editing in basic is hard when I have vim reflexes! :laugh:

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