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Parados not working with a Gotek

Started by eto, 19:43, 14 November 22

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I have a Plus cartridge that has built-in Parados. When I use this cartridge with my Gotek (as B, 178KB DSK images) I can see the directory, but it is screwed up - and when I try to run any program, I get an error message.

I expect that I am doing something wrong with this set-up but I can't find much information about Gotek and Parados.

Any idea what is wrong there?

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I think that the default format for drive b is 80 tracks, double side so not compatible with a 178k dsk image.



Yeah @d_kef is right you'll need a Romdos/Parados formatted .dsk.
I've attached a 792K D20 for you to use.


Would that mean, that if I boot with Parados, I can't use a normal DSK image in drive B anymore? 

At least according to the manual it supports all kinds of formats in Drive B an A - including the 178K format. 


Quote from: d_kef on 19:55, 14 November 22think that the default format for drive b is 80 tracks,
Doesn't it autodetect it? Can I at least switch the format manually? 


You can  change the default format with the parados utility (|DRIVE) or by poking the drive type in a fixed memory position (I don't remember which one, see manual).
Of course it will default to 80 tracks etc after a power cycle.



When you (L)og the dsk it detects the format without any other action on your part. I switch between data and Romdos format .dsks all the time.



Using !DRIVE under ParaDOS allows you to setup the B drive for 40 tracks. Then it shall recognize the correct format (Data in this case).

You also can patch ParaDOS to set 40 tracks as default for B.

About 80 tracks on B-drive:
Even better is to use the VaraDOS (this is ParaDOS with formats preset to Vortex).
This way your B drive will recognize the Vortex format immediately, instead of getting lost in strange, unusual formats (few have been named in previous posts).

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Hi All

After a lot of tests I finally have setup my xxxx.DSK images (80 Track Double Sided) as " RomdosD1 (716k)"

Some of my scratch notes below :-

Amstrad CPC Gotek 80 Track

Using Parados 1.2 for the CPC6128

Format .dsk Images with ONLY RomdosD1 (716K)

Format .hfe Images with ONLY RomdosD1 (716K)

Any other will NOT work correctly.

The .DSK were made on the PC using CPCDiskXP 
there were 2 formats provided That Work  with the Gotek.

RomdosD1 (USB) .dsk
RomdosD1       .dsk

Good luck

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