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PCW 8256 Infocom issue with Gotek .dsk image

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Hello everyone. Here is a good one for you
I have a 8256 with Gotek drive and am running into issues with Infocom games. The games load and play fine. The issue is with the save/restore. I use an empty disk image to save the game to. That works fine. When I try to restore the save game it fails after I am asked to put the game disk back in. The program either restarts at the beginning of becomes corrupted. I got an actual file error on one title.

I tried save/load with some other non-Infocom titles and it works fine.

Is there a special format for save disks?
Thanks in advance.

Oh and I contacted the maker of the Gotek drive. He was very helpful. He managed to replicate the error on his Gotek and also on a PCW emulator. It would be great to figure this out as I really want to enjoy some old school adventuring! I will probably play some Magnetic Scrolls titles in the meantime as their save/load works with no issues.

Not sure where the problem lies with this.

There is NO special format for SAVE disks, they should be the standard format.

When you swap the disks, what do you do.   I suspect there's something to do with using a Ctrl-C to force the system to recognise the disk change.  The Joyce emulator needs this if you swap disks.   I think when I was trying to get The Pawn game working this involved disk changes and this needed a Ctrl-C but this was a while ago.  If it's real disks in a real drive things are OK, but emulation setup needs a little help to recognise that disk has been changed?

Oh, in the case of the PCW, it's actually Alt+C key to generate the Ctrl+C code required


Thanks for the suggestions. The disk mounts fine. The save game is written to it. It is read back in by the game when you restore but for some reason the data is corrupt and this is what trashes the game when you try to continue from a save. The issue only happens with Infocom games. Other games work fine. This is all being done on real iron with a Gotek. It has been tried on two different machines with their own Gotek drive. It can be replaced on an emulated 8256 as well. It has to do with the way these particular games write to/from a disk. It's so very odd.

I guess no one else plays Infocom games on this machine huh? Shame as the green screen really lends itself to the classic feel of a text adventure.


I didn't see your reply of the 21st, else I'd have asked.

When you say 'corrupted', what do you mean?   Are you referring to the disk file, i.e. the save file on the disk, or do you mean the data read from the file into RAM somewhere?

Is it possible to copy the saved file to M:, then go into the game, then load the saved file from M: - is that any different?

Also, are the disks of the same type, i.e. a 180k image (or both of a 730k image).   Not a good idea to mix image types.   Infocom don't know about the format header on the disk, their system might miss reading it.

When you say 'replaced' on an emulated system, do you mean that the same error is 'replicated'.

I don't have a Gotek, so I cannot replicate that part.   But if the emulator would do the same, I could try the same thing in Joyce, which I do have.



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