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Running CPM+ software with M4

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Feeling a bit stupid but I cannot figure how to start a CPM program for example Infocom adventures with a M4 and no (!) disk drive.

The two CPM roms are in slot 2+3. When I try to start a program, i. e.
I'll get a drive not ready error. No matter if I navigate into the dsk "folder" or extract the disk via |dskx.

Any ideas? Thank you!

- thomas

The M4 doesn't replicate the drive hardware, instead it patches the AMSDOS firmware to intercept file operations and provide the desired data.

CP/M has it's own BIOS routines that talk directly to the hardware. That means none of the trickery done for AMSDOS is available and instead it's as if the M4 doesn't exist.

Of course, that doesn't mean CP/M can't be patched to recognise the M4, it's just not been done yet. For example, that's how the Dk'Tronics Silicon Disk works with CP/M (see

thank you pelrun. That means it is not possible at the moment to run CP/M software from the M4 sd at the moment, but only from a real disk -- ok!

- thomas

That's why many of us have both the M4 and a Gotek (running FlashFloppy or HxC). Since the Gotek behaves as if it was real drive hardware, it has the benefit of nearly perfect compatibility with all CPC software, but isn't any faster than an original drive.

finally a reason to get a Gotek for my 6128! :-)


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