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First, sorry if this post isn't in the right thread (if it isn't, I'd ask moderators to put it where it belongs).

I tried to search various CPC related sites for software that could use more than 128KB of RAM, but I was unable to find anything besides FutureOS and Symbos (not that they aren't great - they are fantastic!). The reason is that I'm in the process of obtaining a 512K memory expansion for my 6128 (ROAM Board), and I would like to try everything that could use extra RAM.

So, my question is, do you know any other software, demo or game that can benefit from extra ram (besides FutureOS and Symbos), or exclusively works with extra RAM (extra meaning more than stock 128K)? If something like this was already asked, and the answer exists, sorry for asking again...

Discology  ;D

Orgams  8)


The RDOS ROM, which provides a 444 KB RAM disc.

The last bullet hell game from Keith

And... it's getting tight...  ;)

Alyssa Database
Various RAMdisc stuff for AMSDOS and CPM
Discology 6
Hackit ROM


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