720k AMSDOS help needed

Started by Bignumbas, 07:46, 24 December 16

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I am looking at various roms to use with 3.5" drives to replace amsdos. I want something basic, simple to use.
Parados is good but once you set a drive format that's it, no auto-sensing so you may as well just go with one format

There appears to be absolutely no documentation  for 720k Amsdos.
Does anybody know which formats it works with?
RSX commands?
Utilites to format disks for it?
I have tried amstrad cpm 720k, Dos 720k, romdos 720k using omniflop and cpcdiskxp.
None worked.
Maybe Vortex as a rom?
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Hi Bignumbas

I have used Parados version 1.2 Modified so that "A and B" default to 40 Track single sided.
I have used this with a range of disks (3.5") from 40 ss -- 80 DS and it picks up the configuration of the disk.
Good luck.

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