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Started by ComSoft6128, 21:07, 17 September 17

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Digging thru some old discs here, I ran across this - "Disc.SDM.
When run it loads in a CLI for SDM files. There are three on the disc - one doesn't work, one plots positions on the Globe and the other appears to generate a pixelated design on what looks like a larger than standard (17k) screen. I have no idea what this program was used for, a bit of a puzzle.

Any ideas?




well ... CLI ? SDM ? You are sure this is CPC ?

SDM may be Star Office Mail File - but we did not have that. As far as I know


This is a 6128 Plus, with a 3.5 B drive. The file is at least 25 years old. "Disc.SDM"
looks like a Basic loader, the 2nd file is machine code. MMM.


SDM appears to be "Spatial Data Modelling."
I will have a better look at this at the weekend. Maybe there are some REM statements in the basic loader.



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