464 tape dead?

Started by Shining, 01:07, 01 February 21

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I just received a very good looking 464 BUT the tape drive does nothing.

FF REW load" run", nothing (relais klicks on load")

The 464 itself is working. Also the ON-Led, which is connected to the TAPE-PCB works.

Same power supply with my other 464 runs its tape drive.

Any idea?
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With Rewind Pressed can you hear the Motor turning ?
If tyou can then Perhaps the Belt is Loose or Broken ?

If Not then check the wires on the Tape connector  (about 8 Pin)

Good luck

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Thanks for your hints.

I checked both. The motor is not spinning at all.

Now I also connected the not working tape+keyboard upper housing to the working 464 but again. The motor does nothing.

Any more ideas?
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There's a small leaf-switch under the mechanical parts that switches the motor on. It's either dirty or has fallen off.



Thank you both!

First I did a continuity test of the leaf-switch, which worked (0 OHM) but then I disassembled the tape-deck and also used some contact spray and cleaned everything up.

After that, using a lab power-supply, it worked! After reassembling the 464 everything is fine now. A game was successfully loaded.

:) :) :) 
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