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  1. CPC 6128 with RAM issues, can it be saved? UP: Yes, It's alive and kicking!
  2. CPC6128 cassette port
  3. Protext email?
  4. Audio mod fault - very loud!
  5. CPC 6128 Floppy drive (EME-156) problem
  6. CPC464 LCD vertical screen flicker
  7. CPC464 Internal Speaker
  8. Odd display problem - anyone seen this before? (cpc 464)
  9. Ribbon between HXC and CPC6128
  10. Mini Framemeister Query
  11. Audio query - 6128 and Hauppauge Rocket
  12. Disc not readable with 2 drives...ddi-1?
  13. CPC464 loss of display stability
  14. CTM640 blowing 2A fuse F501 looks like STK7308 problem
  15. Amstrad 6128: disk is missing after belt change
  16. wav -> CPC
  17. CPC 464 tape deck makes ribbon spaghetti
  18. Splitting the picture output..
  19. Found a RAM/ROM board inside my non working CPC664
  20. what hve I done - Blue missing on screen (rgb TV)
  21. Killed my AMX Mouse :(
  22. SYMBOS 3.0, M4 Board and CRTC 2
  23. Games with CNG SOFT trainer fail to load in my CPC6128
  24. MOVED: [N00b] CPC 464 Blank Screen
  25. Help with Cygwin/CPCTelera
  26. membrane keyboard for CPC Plus
  27. Odd Behaviour from a 464
  28. 464 Plus with blank screen
  29. The cheapest way to connect a CPC to TV or monitor in Canada?
  30. 40007 without heatsink?
  31. Amstrad 464 Plus
  32. CPC 6128 drive felt pad
  33. cpc 464 converter
  34. 464 plus datacorder
  35. Amstrad monitor strange behavior
  36. Set 3.5 drive as Drive A on DDI-1?
  37. 3.5" drive on Amstrad CPC 464 "bad command"
  38. 6128+ Scart Question
  39. ACU ROM board and 16k chip compatibility (lack of address lines)
  40. Question about HxC Floppy Emulator Manager v3
  41. CPC6128 Disk drive stepper
  42. A repair mod for the tape counter reset button
  43. Replacement CPC 464 cassette deck keys for those with 3d printers
  44. Buying a replacement CPC 464 Capstan / Tape drive Motor
  45. Transferring games to new cassettes, pitfalls and problems.
  46. DMP printer not being recognised by amstrad, but ok with old laptop
  47. DDI-1 possible motor failure?
  48. CPC T-REX power supply
  49. Can you use a separate cassette tape player to load games to amstrad CPC 464
  50. Any way to connect 464 to a amstrad televideo tvr-1 (no scart, only bnc vid in)
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