6128 AY-3-8912A ? Works in CPC 6128 ?

Started by willow3411, 19:58, 14 February 22

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Sure, they have increased their prices because retro-business stores have bought a lot of stock at very low price to sell them very high. They are not dumb, they do the same since.  :-\

I have sold the AY-3-8912 a lot a time at 1.90€ while Amigastore sold it over 10€.
It is not only related to this IC... In example, they sell the YM2149 close to 9€ when you can always buy it at 0.90€.

The same about Paula and other Amiga IC that was available at less than 5$ during years in China, before all those stores started to sold them over 20$. ;) 
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Quote from: Nworc on 00:42, 19 February 22Excuse me, I cannot believe that this is a "bad copy". What I see on the photo is a genuine chip made by General Instruments, produced in Taiwan. Taiwan is not China, Taiwan has a high tech industry comparable to South Korea. I suspect that your keyboard is not working, and that's why you say the chip is not working.

If you wish, you can send me the chip to check what's wrong. I think it's just a simple issue with the pull-up resistors. I mean, does anyone here know for sure what the correct value for the resistors is? The CPC keyboard logic is very picky in this, sometimes it stops working if I make an angry face ...
Good evening,
you didn't read my post correctly!
I have an 8912 in Stock (a GI) with this one it works very well. and my keyboard has no problem.
In addition I mounted the resistance network 2.2K after and I tested with an 8912A (GI) and it works very well!
And two faulty ICs? I still have a doubt.


On The CPC464 the RN is close to the Keyboard Connector...

For the older revisions that is here, the small arrow marks the common pin (+5V)

You cannot view this attachment.

However for the cost down and medium sized mainboards for the 464 you would need to solder it directly onto the AY-3-8912A and bend up the common pin and connect it with a botch wire to Pin3.

So the AY-3-8912A is not that compatible with the new models of the 464, because they saved the RA solderpoints.
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