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Title: 6128 Plus cassette mod not working
Post by: Cwiiis on 21:08, 17 September 21
Following the wiki: http://www.cpcwiki.eu/index.php/DIY_Plus_Tape_Socket I added the missing components and wired it as shown, I believe. I used a 2SC1815 transistor, so I didn't cross the legs. I've tested continuity and everything appears to be wired correctly... But I don't seem to get anything. |tape works correctly and it asks me to press play, but the remote doesn't seem to work with my tape deck and I don't hear any click from the relay when I press a key (that from what I've read, you should hear?) Ignoring that the remote doesn't work (in fact, it disables the tape deck entirely), if I don't plug it in and hit play manually, still nothing happens for a tape that I know works (tested on a 464 Plus).

Given I've done the basic checking of continuity, and as far as I can tell, I've wired it correctly, does anyone have any suggestions as to what to check? I don't have an oscilloscope yet, though am expecting one soon, so I can check the signals once I have that. I suppose I can probe a 464 Plus to figure out what things should look like, but if anyone has any ideas for simple things I might've missed, please do let me know!
Title: Re: 6128 Plus cassette mod not working
Post by: pelrun on 08:39, 18 September 21
If you plug headphones into the tape deck output, can you hear anything? If you're not using the remote cable then there's nothing to the tape mod except connecting the audio to the correct pin, which means there's very little that can go wrong - either the input is blown, the wiring is wrong, or the tape deck isn't actually producing any signal.
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