6128 PLUS with Tape mod. Clicking relay upon joypad press. Game bug?

Started by mattjames78, 23:56, 16 February 21

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Hello everyone.

As above. Done the tape mod. Made a daughterboard. Used parts from a donor dead 464.

The relay clicks whenever the joypad button is pressed. Only in Continental Circus once loaded. This is the only game I have seen it do it.

Remote, save, load works fine. Relay works correctly in all other circumstances. Just playing this one game (up to yet... Tried a few others all are fine) triggers the tape relay every press of the joypad.

Is this a bug in the game, do you think? All wiring and components are fitted correctly.

Thanks in advance.


I noticed something similar on lasersquad with my 464plus, maybe it's a funny anomaly with the plus model.


Could be. I know there is a "keyboard scanning bug" present in some games. I don't know if it is related to my issue in this one game. Maybe thats why Sir Alan didn't fit a tape socket to the 6128+  :laugh:

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