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664 help urgently required!


I brought a 664 as a fixer-upper project..

I eventualyl plugged it in and all I got was a grey screen.. I took it apart to clean it up, took out the 40010 and 40015 ROMs to clean underneath, plugged them back in and now the 40010 is very hot.

I don't want to jinx it anymore so is there anyone who could supply me with a cheap 40010 ROM (if they have one spare) and maybe give my 664 a going-over please?

Many thanks

Wasn't the 40010 the GA? Or do I mix it up?

Yes, unfortunately it's the Gate Array.

If you happen to have some spare CPC board with either a 40008 or a 40010 Gate Array, you could use them to repair the 664.

Edit:Maybe you can get one at Cent Pour Cent.

Also, if you ask @Bryce he will probably fix it for you :D

Yup, send it over if you like. Send me a PM.



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