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  1. CPC464 wont load some games but does others
  2. 6128 Plus keys issue
  3. Where can I buy a BASIC cartridge for the plus series?
  4. CPC 464 chewing up tapes.
  5. CPC464 Repair needed - anyone local to Maldon, Essex?
  6. CPC 664 issue with Gotek(FlashFloppy) or Floppy controller or ME
  7. CTM-644 convergence problem
  8. llopis diag ROM on a M4 board ?
  9. My almighty 464 plus is no more..
  10. CTM-644 Vertical Rolling Issue
  11. Problem with a cpc
  12. Flashfloppy and external Gotek doesn't load some dsk
  13. CPC 464 - very quiet speaker audio
  14. The compatibility of the M4 card...
  15. CPC6128 killing disc drives?
  16. External 12V cable broken
  17. GX4000 weird problem, controllers interfered with each other
  18. M4: Fail to |UPGRADE from 2.0.5 to 2.0.7 [But unpacking files to root works]
  19. Application / user IDs for non volatile RAM (nvRAM) - Listed here - Request here
  20. CTM644 - red is too dark
  21. Strange CPC 6128 /drive behaviour
  22. CPC464 Display issue
  23. Do I really need the floppy drive?
  24. Where can I download a clean copy of the CPC6128 manual?
  25. Replacing the ribbon cable on a DDI-1 interface
  26. Not being able to load a recorded tape / wav.
  27. 6128 disc not receiving power - what are the alternatives?
  28. What a discovery? My cpc 464 has a serial port.
  29. CTM644 without 5VDC and 12VDC output
  30. Amstrad DMP2000 printer - sort of working!
  31. Dukes M4 card and the Dobbertin HD20 hard disc
  32. What exactly do I need to run a 6128+ with a new monitor (non Amstrad)?
  33. Sudden problem with 3" drive
  34. 6128 PLUS with Tape mod. Clicking relay upon joypad press. Game bug?
  35. M4Board + XMass = Modern art?
  36. CPC464 noob with refurbish questions
  37. Symbos: HxC direct access (H:) returns error 06 (read/write sector).
  38. GX4000 maybe fried ?
  39. Problem with M4 and Wifi
  40. 464 tape dead?
  41. TV query
  42. [Resolved] CPC 6128 shutting down after some time.
  43. CPC 6128 with RAM issues, can it be saved? UP: Yes, It's alive and kicking!
  44. CPC6128 cassette port
  45. Protext email?
  46. Audio mod fault - very loud!
  47. CPC 6128 Floppy drive (EME-156) problem
  48. CPC464 LCD vertical screen flicker
  49. CPC464 Internal Speaker
  50. Odd display problem - anyone seen this before? (cpc 464)
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