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Adjusting the image in the original screen.

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It's difficult to tell from the picture you posted, but I think the whole picture is equally rotated. If this is the case, then it's just an adjustment. However, the point of adjustment is very near the scary voltages, so you need to be careful if you do this. The process is even described in the CM14 service manual.


The picture is a bit rotated as a whole, yes. I will display a grid tonight and then we can check if, besides the general rotation there is something else. I am a bit scare to do the adjustment but oh well...

Don't be pussy, just open it and try tuning every yellow screw till you find right and make it perfect.
You will be proud of yourself.
Big mirror will be helpfull. :)

From the picture you posted, it looks like the defection yoke has moved slightly. It is held in position with the aid of three wedges. See section 3-4 Dynamic Convergence on page 44 of the service manual (Service Manual Amstrad Plus).


I made a little set of tests to better diagnose the problem, but I think that the most informative one is this grid.


It really seems that is a problem of general rotation, yes. I also prepared some more texts that display color bars and the convergence is, at least by eye, perfect. This screen is super-bright too, I have to keep the brightness at around 75%, otherwise is just too much for me  :)


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