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Amstrad CPC 6128 664 Gotek Floppy Emulator

Started by tsi, 09:48, 25 January 23

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I found the Gotek Floppy Emulator on Ebay, but I can't find any further manual.

Maybe someone can answer my questions:

How does it work?

  • Do I put a single dsk-file on the USB-Stick and this works as a normal disk?
  • (How) Can I create an empty Disk on this USB-Stick?
  • (How) can I switch between different dsk-Files?
  • Do i need further equipment / software to get it work or is everything I need this hardware?
        (just read that a "pin adapter" is needed ... where do I find one?)

Thanks & greetings


I bought one from CPCSTORE about 3 years ago and it does everything I require.
To the user it appears as a second physical disc drive.
It has been fully configured for the CPC and is basically Plug n Play.

However, I see that it is out of stock so probably best to contact them for an update.

You may want to look for other CPC specific suppliers so "ask around" to see if any are recommended by members.

At any one time I have about 1000 dsk files on the USB-Stick and select them by using the control knob on the front of the Gotek.

To make dsk files use this:


Do you have flashfloppy on the gotek?

If not, the first thing you need to do is to flash it with a new firmware called flashfloppy.

Then you need to configure flashfloppy and then you can use it like a normal disk drive - however that is true for the external port. 

If you want to use it internal in the 6128 you also need a cable adapter and a power connector.

Attention, the Powerconnector for the Amstrad 3" floppy does not have the 3.5" standard voltages ... If you just plug in your gotek, the CPC will destroy it.

Here is an assembly video ... 

This video also goes into Flashfloppy details.

And this video explains how to get flashfloppy onto your gotek (that is not CPC specific task). 

To do the initial flash of the gotec you should solder a pin header to the back to set some jumpers. 

There are some newer models, that allow it easier - 

please refer to flashfloppy wiki:
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Maybe someone can help me since I have a similar problem. I have Flash Floppy 3.41 loaded on the Gotek. Placed some games on the USB stick. They are all .dsk files and they work on my DDI-3.
 The issue I am having is that when I 6128 tries to read from the Gotek. It tries to read the USB stick. I see the Gotek Numbers changing on the 7 segment display and the green light flashes on the Gotek but It gives me an error could not read the disk. Abort, Retry or Fail. I've tried 3 USB sticks all the same issue. 

I've tried adding the example FF.CFG  file  from github and that didn't help. Do I need to add the empty disk to the USB stick? Or maybe I got ripped off from Ali Express again which would not surprise me. 


Do the dsk have names like DSKA0001_Name.dsk?
Do you see track numbers when CAT or LOAD is running?
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I use the Gotek with the Hxc selector. That allows me to conveniently assign images to 15 slots. I prefer that over the rotary controller as it's imho hard to navigate through a huge collection. 

I can share a Zip with all files that you can copy to your USB stick and see if that works. However I am on vacation now and will have no access to my files until next Monday.


Quote from: McArti0 on 08:19, 09 August 23Do the dsk have names like DSKA0001_Name.dsk?
Do you see track numbers when CAT or LOAD is running?
No I don't. Is that required for it to read them? They are listed, however they came when I downloaded them. I know the Gotek does work now, though. It was connected it to my DDI-3 and it read fine. I'll try changing the names of the files and see if it reads them. Thanks.

The seven segment display scrolls 000 to 39 twice and then the error pops up. So it appears to be trying to read it.

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