Author Topic: Best CPC Cleaning Methods and Tips  (Read 806 times)

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Best CPC Cleaning Methods and Tips
« on: 19:28, 03 October 19 »
So, I have a 464 (and GX4000) and IMO it needs a deep clean inside and out. Ditto a DDI-1.

Rather that 'have at it with a mop and some flash liquid', I was wondering what people do to get nice pristine machines that still work after cleaning? Things like cleaning liquids (alcohol?), best tools (not earbuds I'm sure), things to look out for, and so on.

The 464 also has crackling on the internal speaker, which is likely dust/hair related I expect, but in case anyone knows of any other causes related to the internal amp or other components I thought I'd mention it.

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Re: Best CPC Cleaning Methods and Tips
« Reply #1 on: 20:27, 03 October 19 »
I've used the bath, some washing up liquid and some brushed to clean my stuff.  Obviously not the electronics but the cases and keyboards.  Afterwards pop them in the airing cupboard.  Works a treat.