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Loading Issues both via audio and 3.5" disk
« on: 16:24, 30 October 21 »
Hi There

I was wondering if you guys might be able to help me with loading problems on 6128. I recently bought another one (I had one a few years previous with monitor and 3.5 inch ext drive and I sold it). But having recently bought my first C64 I felt kind of dirty so I had to get another CPC. Anyway, my rudimentary skills allowed me to get it up and running but the disk probably needs a belt - so I have one on order. Also a Gotek, so some of this will be moot in the near future but it is bugging me because I can't make it work.

1. I had some accessories I kept from previous machine - and I thought that the cable below was for external 3.5" drive - does this seem correct to you? I have tried with a couple of drives but when I select drive |b it just hangs. The internal drive like the whole computer had some kind of drink spilled in it from who knows how long it corroded the edges of the boards - but the disk was worse off than motherboard. Anyway, I cleaned everything before I worked on powering it up. The disk seems to be working...I don't have any 3" disks to test. The internal drive has a red light inside which is is whirring etc when I turn it on. But can I use the 3.5" drive in the meantime? I have some 720k floppies from my Atari St days still around.

2. I have a DIN to 3.5 jack which I have tried to load tape sounds - like the guy on Youtube loading Bruce Lee. I have tried every sound combination...but I can't get anything to happen. I have typed |tape. I remember I couldn't get this happening on my previous machine either...I really want this to there a way to check the DIN plug via multimeter etc?

3. I have another cable which is old school twisted one like I saw in online tutorial - I tried to jumper pins 33/34 with paperclip but that doesn't seem to work either...

Just want to try and load something...I have read other posts in the forum about issues loading into tape input - I am not hearing any sound through the all. The speaker is working...maybe there is a problem with input?

I had forgotten also about the problems of getting the RGB signal to display on LCD...I have still not seen in colour - I tried to use SCART input on a DVD recorder I had - it supposedly takes RGB signal but I could only get B/W. I have ordered a box from China that can hopefully convert so one day I can see things in colour too!

Any advice is much appreciated.

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