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Can I convert a PCW disc to a CPC format?

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Prob YES.

The files on my disk would work that way.   HITCHHIK.COM would run as you say.   But if you needed the CP/M 2 version, or the CPC version, then copy HIKER2.COM to HITCHHIK.COM, or just run HIKER2 instead of HITCHHIK, and you're in the right place.

I could confirm the screen codes in HIKER2 if that would help - I'm guessing that they may be right for the CPC?


Thank you, I have used my USIFAC II to copy the necessary files from the PCW disk to my USB drive, so I could now reformat my disk in CPC format.

So we have a CPC (DATA) format disc with HHGttG? ANy chance of uploading a copy of that?


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