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Can I convert a PCW disc to a CPC format?

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I think that is the PD program I used. The trouble is it patches CPM so you can't then write to a non PCW disk, so I couldn't copy the files between disks.

I see - so no drive B?

OK, if you get no resolution to this problem - send the disc to me (registered post) and I should be able copy the files then reformat the disc and send it back to you as a CPC data format disc.

That's kind; there are disk images of HHGTTG, so I could easily write a disk image from CPC Power to the drive. The only reason I was curious about the disk is that this is the 'old' CP/M import of HHG (by SoftSel), not the 'new' Activision CPC release. I can't find a disk image of this old release - it is the standard Infocom CP/M interpreter, patched with the control codes for the Amstrad, plus the DAT file. The new releases have multiple interpreters for different Amstrad machines. I suspect the HITCH.COM interpreter on my disk is identical to the HITCH64.COM on the new release, and the DAT files are easy to find.

As pointed out earlier, the disk would originally have come in CPC CPM format - it looks like it has been reformatted to PCW SD format by a previous owner. I'll try using SymbOS to copy files to an Amstrad format disk, or onto a USB stick, and then reformat the disk. I just wondered if I could skip a stage.

In case it's any interest, the version of HHG that I have is the old Softsel one.

The original disk has 4 files on it, three .COM files which are mostly identical, and the HITCHHIK data file.

The 3 .COM files have some tiny differences re installed screen codes, so they are already done.   HIKER3 has the PCW codes showing, so this is OK for the PCW.   HIKER2 may be the one for CP/M 2, but I tried running this on my PCW and it seemed to work OK, but I didn't go far, and a CLS may not work.   The third file HITCHHIK.COM may just be a copy of HIKER3.

Somewhere (re the ZORK gime I think) I have some files that define what all the codes required in the first sector of the .COM file, and there are example progs to set these codes.   Most games actually need little more that CLS and maybe REV video, cursor positioning may be needed if the games uses a status bar.


Interesting. According to the original Amstrad Action review in issue 5, "The game comes in two files. and Hitchhik.dat, and all you have to do is load up the disc under CP/M, type HITCHHIK and away you go."
My disc also has only two files. The box says 'Amstrad' on the side, and has no sticker on the front or back. The disk is labelled Infocom Classics by Softsel,  but with no system name. There is an Interlogic reference card for CPM, but no Amstrad specific reference card.


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