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CPC 464 - very quiet speaker audio

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Right, I've changed those capacitors out and it's still the same.

I'm wondering if the amplifier IC itself is at fault but I'm a bit reluctant to start messing around with that.

I am going to have a closer look at the volume control pot and just satisfy myself it's not that, as that would be rather embarrassing!


It could be the op-amp, but they usually either work completely or not at all. A simple resistance measurement of the pot will tell you whether that ok or not. I thought you had done that already.


I thought I had too... but want to double check before changing anything else. Haven't had chance yet so that's a job for the weekend.

Right further update

I've checked the volume pot again and it seems fine.

So in summary I've changed C301, C304, C308, C309 and C311

The only ones left now are C303 and C306 (which I don't have any spares so need to get some)

there is also C314 which is right at the start of the chain and seems a likely suspect. However this is labelled 'NP' which I'm assuming means 'non-polarised' and these seem difficult to find in this value but I'll persevere.

Losing the will to live somewhat now... I should probably give up soon and use external speakers instead but it's bugging me!

Any other thoughts welcomed



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