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CPC 464 - very quiet speaker audio

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Measuring capacitors is difficult. I just swapped this one (C30X?) which looked suspicious, and internal sound went from not working at all to flawless :-)
Might have just been luck, but I suggest you'll give it a try.

- thomas

Thanks - that's a good tip. I'm going to replace a few of the capacitors around the amplifier as a first step

Right a quick update

Rummaging through the junk box I've found a couple of spare capacitors and changed them out (C309 and C311) but with no improvement (see pics, although I'd only done one when I took this).

I think the one that thomas mentiones in the post above is C308 (also circled on the pics). It's covered with what looks like a blob of glue. Unfortunately I don't have any of these in stock (look like a 22uF) so will get one in.

There is also C314 which is a non-polarised electrolytic, don't have any of those either so maybe worth replacing that too.

Any other thoughts? I will probably try and get hold of one of these cheap oscilloscopes and see if I can trace the path if I can't get anywhere.



It is also possible that the Speaker Cone is Jammed and only moves a small amount ?
If you have an other speaker that you could use as a test that might prove if I am correct.
Or keep changing the Caps C301 is also a good one to change

Good luck
Keep Safe


Thanks. Yes I did wonder about the speaker, but the 'interference' noise is actually reasonably loud with the beeps hidden in the background somewhere so it does feel more like an amplifier issue. I'm going to order some more caps so will report back.



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