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CPC 6128 Sound Issue

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The headphone test comes to the same result (I have a SCART cable with a built-in headphone cable). So it is the AY?

Can I order a new one from ebay (something like that: 1PCS Programmable Sound Generator IC SOUND/GI DIP-28 AY-3-8912 AY3-8912 | eBay)?

Hi n00b, der sieht passend aus. Und ist ganz schön preiswert.

Ups . English forum - yes, looks like it would fit.

Then it's definitely the AY. Yes, that's the correct part. Make sure you socket it too.


Yes. it was the AY.

THX again for your fast help!  ;)

I have a CPC with the exact same problem. I was fiddling around with the joystick port back in the day (making a 'virtual glove') which caused it.

I used to put a weight on the up arrow as it made the sound ok. Not 100% right but almost.


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