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CPC 6128 Sound Issue

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Hi there,

I have a problem with my CPC 6128.

There is almost no sound hearable - respectively only if I push the cursor up button some "fragments" can be heard. Could it be that the sound chip is faulty (because it is someway connected to the keyboard)?


Try to ....

- Clean the Volume wheel at the back of the computer

- Try to hear something with a 3.5mm stereo jack (same earphone you use in planes)

- Good luck!


--- Quote from: TFM on 00:50, 28 April 16 ---- Try to hear something with a 3.5mm stereo jack (same earphone you use in planes)
--- End quote ---

Same earphones you use in everything, really :D It's probably the most ubiquitous plug there is, and you chose the plane example haha

There was another person here who had a very similar problem to yours. After more thorough testing, it seems their AY chip died. I hope it's not the case with yours.
CPC 6128 sound problems


If you replace the AY-3-8912 Please make sure That it is an AY-3-8912 and NOT an AY-3-8912A

Good Luck   Ray

The headphone test will tell you whether it's the AY or something else, as it's an almost direct connection to the AY (no amplifier or volume control in between).


P.s. Plane headphones are one of the only headphones that DON'T use the standard 3.5mm stereo jack. Most of them still use the 2x mono 3.5mm jack.


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