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CPC6128 killing disc drives?

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Lardo Boffin:
I recently got a spare 6128 which seemed to be working fine once I borrowed a 12V cable but appears to have killed two disc drives.
I replaced the drive belt on the drive that came with it and cleaned the head etc. and it happily formatted a couple of discs / loaded games and saved a small BASIC program. Then a known good disc went in and it refused to read it. It now refuses to read any disc at all. When it tries to read it just makes a bit of a clicking noise.
I did try to adjust the position of the drive head (which I have done successfully before on Spectrum +3s) but cannot get it to read discs.
I borrowed a drive from the same 6128 I borrowed the 12V cable from and tried to copy from an external Gotek to floppy (again a known good disc) and it has just done exactly the same thing - not reading discs and making the same noise as if it is trying to get further on the disc than it is allowed to travel.

Anyone seen anything similar?

I’m wondering whether to send the drives off to be looked at or whether they are now dead?

Have you tried the drives back in the donor CPC?


Lardo Boffin:
I’ll give that a go tonight thanks.

Lardo Boffin:
I have tried the donor drive that now doesn’t work in spare and it no longer works in the original donor either. Same lack of read and clicking noises.


Lardo Boffin:
Having had this CPC kill my original disc drive I have had to sell it (full disclosure of its faults) to get funds to replace my disc drive. So much for a spare…


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