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Dark SCART output with vertical lines

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Zoe Robinson:
I got it all working!

It appears to be a power problem - thanks for putting me on the right track, guys!

Running the RCA jacks straight into my EyeTV gives the black screen, above, but if I use my DVD Recorder as a pass-through, it boosts the signals and I get to see the CPC in all its glory. :)

That is not how a CPC should look. It's too dark and very very blurry.

Zoe Robinson:
Yes, it's not how a CPC should look. It is, however, better than black-on-black.

I'm not finished working on this thing just yet and once I get proper RGB output (the DVD Recorder I'm using as a pass-through is clearly downgrading the signal) then I'll post again but for now at least I can use my beloved CPC. :)

My solution with what tools I had available is to connect the scart on a vcr with two scart sockets.
Then I output the second scart to rca.

Zoe Robinson:
That sounds something like what I was doing here.

The connections go: CPC SCART output -> DVD Recorder with SCART-to-RGB output cable -> EyeTV device -> iMac

It's not the best quality ever, but it's a good start.


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