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Disk drive making strange noises

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I had changed the belts of my CPC about 6 months ago. Since last night the DD is making mechanical noises, and I'm afraid to put Disks inside it now. Is there something I need to check or do?Thanks.

"Mechanical noises" is a bit general. Can you record or describe them? Is it a clicking, grinding, scrapping sound?

The safest way is to open it up and see what it's physically doing.


It's a grinding noise for sure. I opened it up, and the noise is coming from inside the drive, I can't see where the noise is coming from exactly. Should I risk it and put a disk drive inside or better to dissamble it first?Thanks.

Is the head possibly pushing against the back of the drive (ie: try to go back further than it should)? That's a common fault that makes a grinding sound.


From what I see, indeed it seems to be going further back. Is this fixable?
Thank you


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