disk drive motor constantly running on cpc6128, drive actually works though

Started by bolofski, 11:23, 12 January 22

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Hi all, i recently acquired a 6128 with colour monitor and upon initial testing the drive wasnt reading disks (but only activated when i tried to access it), i ordered a belt and fitted, also cleaned the head and greased the head motor spindle, the drive now works, reads fine but is constantly spinning with or without a disk inside, this is happening from the moment i power on to the moment i power off, the drive led is also lit, i have rechecked all the cables to it and like i say it does actually work, even if there was a sensor in the drive to say when a disk was in this wouldn't account for the constant spinning would it? surely it should only spin when accessed, a relay fault somewhere perhaps? the other thing is i didn't hear it spinning constantly before the belt repair but it could have been as obviously the belt wasn't on the capstan so maybe i couldn't hear just the capstan spinning? any ideas folks? thanks 


you can start by testing the voltage level in the MOTOR ON signal in the connector (pin 8 ). If it's permanently 0 it will be the cause.

Edit: Notice that voltage zero is a different thing from floating or high-z, you need to test the resistance between the pin and ground.


not really sure which pin 8 is, or where to put my tester to actually look for a voltage, i would need a bit more help in order to try that (noob!) on a side note i managed to borrow a friends 6128 just to try a diff drive in it and that works fine, it doesnt spin when idle like my drive does so definately a drive side problem as opposed to controller side if that helps at all :)

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