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Help! Schoolboy error - might killed my 6128!

Started by Yeti, 22:06, 16 January 22

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So I was given a dead 464, with a working green screen, and decided to sort out my Amstrad collection (another 464, colour monitor, CPC6128 and a PCW 9512).
I changed the belt on my 6128, and it now works. Then I went looking for the aftermarket PSUs and SCART cable I got years ago.
Found them, but at some point while being put away the gender changer adaptor has been put on the wrong PSU. They both have the same connector (I didn''t know this).
Plugs them in, 6128 power light flashes a bit and nothing happens. Now it's dead.

Turns out, I put 12v on the 5v line and 5v on the 12v line!

So, does anyone have any suggestions about where to start to fix it? Or a 6128 main board for sale otherwise? 

I was so happy to have it working again I bought a Gotek for it, before I did this!


Also, how does forum know I wear specs? :P


CPC464, CPC6128, PCW8512, PCW10, BSA & NSP


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