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Does anyone have more information on 6 MHz CPC?

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I would really like to do this for my CPC, I have quite a few spare, so not scared in the slightest.

Is it possible? How big a deal is it? Do games actually run any faster i.e. Chase HQ, Outrun, Altered Beast?

If anyone has done this, would it be possible to produce a guide, show the rest of us?

Thanks in advance

You have the basics explained in the Wiki :)

6 MHz CPC - CPCWiki

I did make a 6 MHz CPC a long time ago, it's super easy and the results are awesome. Even converted half a dozen of games for it. Now they are super smooth! It's just awesome!  :)

What kind monitor you have, and how FDD work with such speed?

Well, I used the regular CTM644, but I did change some CRTC register values. Basically you increase the 'Horizontal characters in total' by 50%. Then you get 50 Hz again. Now, you can blow up the screen and use 32 KB V-RAM. Mode 0 can be used (f.e.) with the usual 16 colors but with 50% higher resolution. I used 32 * 32 MODE 0 f.e. GFX can be so beautiful in such a MODE 0, because the pixel are getting close to be square instead of long bricks, ehm, you know what i mean... they are pushed together in X, so look way better.

The floppy works with with that speed, which is actually 50% higher. I converted games to a Data format which runs 50% more quick. On 3" disc the sectors are squeezed too, because the FDC is 50% faster. So you can store about 300 KB on one disc side using 15 sectors of 512 bytes, or even better 8 sectors of 1024 bytes, which gives a format of 320 KB (318 KB free). The 3" discs don't have a problem and work well, I still have one or two of them and they retain data since over 15 years. However I can't tell much about 3.5" discs and drives, simply because I didn't make a long array of tests. I created an format of 1.3 MB capacity and one of 1.2 MB, both worked.


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