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External 3'' Driver for CPC 6128 (HELP)



I want to install a 3'' driver as the second driver on my Amstrad CPC 6128. gotk installed on drive a. I want to transfer my floppy disks to gotek this way. How can I get external 3'' driver cable? I even printed a custom box for my 3" driver. I will also get the power from the 5 volt adapter. How do I make this power cable? I will be glad if you give me your opinion. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me if anyone can do it for a fee.


Check here:
Note that you will also need 12V to power the drive.


I have a 3'5'' floppy drive cable from old PCs. but this is a 3" floppy drive. I couldn't find how to adapt it. socket is required as a result. I don't know where to find sockets for 3'' drives either. I installed a 3'5'' drive years ago and the cable is still there. but the sockets and wiring diagram are different with 3'' floppy drive.

For a 3" external drive, you just need a 26 connectors cable,nothing special.

check: [size=78%]DIY:Floppy Drives - CPCWiki[/size]


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