CPC 6128 floppy led solid red

Started by Madlax, 01:50, 23 March 22

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I have a 6128 here which I initially only powered with 5V to see if it's working. I noticed the floppy led stayed solid red. I used a 12v adapter today to test the drive. The led stayed solid and the drive doesn't work. The computer itself is in great condition and basic is working fine.

I believe the barrel Jack has to be center positive. Is that correct? Also any clues as to what the issue could be



No. The Centre pin is -ve (Negative) and the Sleeve is +ve (Positive) 12 Volts.

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can you hear anything when you try to run a game or read the directory?

here is a nice little tutorial how to service a drive.


Thank you! I will change the polarity. I hope I didn't fry anything by having it backwards. 

Thanks for the repair tutorial. That's really helpful