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Faulty 464

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I picked up a 464 of the bay and as half expected it turned out to be faulty as not used in over 10 years  :( . It powers on, the tape deck seems to work but all I get it a purple(Mouve) screen. Any advice please

Zoe Robinson:
Sounds like it needs a clean inside, in the first instance. That can clear up a surprising number of video problems.

What do I clean ? I removed the ULA chip and the Z80 and re-seated them


If you press the del key several times does the computer beep (loudspeaker)

Good luck


Hi, There is no sound from pressing the del key(kept pressing for a couple of mins, nothing). Put my other monitor on as I remembered the colours where never right on the first one and now it comes up with a light blue screen. Still blank not logo or anything


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