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Flashfloppy and external Gotek doesn't load some dsk


Hi all,

I have connected an external Gotek with FlashFloppy latest version (v3.25) to a CPC6128, and some dsk files work fine but others don't. I've tried to load Batman the Movie game dsk file, it loads the initial screen, but later the screen turns black and I hear the computer trying to read in the internal disk unit but the Gotek oled screen shows that is doing anything and I have to switch the computer off.

This is happening with a lot of games like out run or Indiana Jones and the temple of doom... Any clue about what is wrong...

Thanks in advance,

Some games/demos/programs only work on Drive A.

2 options:
- ABBA switch:
- "Primary drive setting" for external drive:

ABBA is more reliable but requires to do some changes inside your CPC, the other patch is a quick fix but imho dirty.

Also an ABBA Switch "The Other Way works well

Keep Safe



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