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Help asked regarding CPC T-REX build

Started by Nemesed17, 10:20, 27 June 21

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 Last year  I had  the  opportunity  to get 2 Terasic T-REX C1 boards at an  affordable  price. They are obsolete now, but I have the  project  to revive the CPC T-REX as a proof of concept, and try to  use it at the most ot  its  potential .
I have a  few  questions  to ask before  to begin  with this project, as i am pretty much ignorant when it comes to FPGA boards.
1) The core  for the CPC turbo contains the version 2 of SYMBOS. Since then, a version 3 appeared with, among other things, network capability. Can  i simply remove the  SYMBOS 2 file from the  core by erasing  it and  replace it  with the version 3 with a simple  copy function? Or is it more complicated than that?
2) What is the format I have to use for the 128 mb CF flash card (FAT 16?)
3) Is the serial port present on the  board of any use with the CPC turbo core, and  are serial and networlk communication possible  from the CPC side? Same question with what it seems two IDE connectors present on the  board. How  can i use them with the CPC T-REX to expand  its  interest?
Thanks  a  lot  for  your advices, as the documentation about the  CPC T-REX is scarce (even with the help of  the  Wayback machine), and the readme  file of the  core  is a  little bit  obscure at  places.


I'm now wondering if UniDOS works on my TRex.  And I wonder, will a TRex core work on later Terasic Altera 2 boards?


It would be cool if the GPIO pins of the TRex were coded to be mx4 compatible too


Quote from: zhulien on 15:24, 13 October 22I'm now wondering if UniDOS works on my TRex.
The TREX is mostly SYMBiFACE II compatible. I don't see a reason why UniDOS shouldn't work.


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