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Is there differences between CPC and CPC+ video output???

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Hi guys! :)

I have attached my CPCs to the only TV in the house (Samsung 4900), using this Scart2HDMI converter.

The cable that i am using with the 6128+ is the one of Retro Computer Shack and for the 6128, i am using the old one that i made a few years ago for my CRT TV. Both cables are RGB and use the same schematic and the only difference that i can see is the cpc+ one have a resistor in each RGB pin.

Well, now the funny thing, the 6128 looks AMAZING, FULL HD 50Hz, vibrant colours and although i have not tested a game using scroll, the scroll fxs in the Batman demo are supersmooth (i was really surprised by this).

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And now the X Files moment, the CPC+ only shows video for like half second and then goes black, i can hear the music coming from the TV, but no picture at all

I don't know what i could do for fixing this. Somebody has got an idea why is this happening? And how could i fix this?

It's a shame that one of the few CPC+ in Brazil is not ready for public display, because i would love to bring it with me to the faculty for one of the videogames conferences that i am giving.

In my experience the plus machines are far more fussy with their scart output than either the cpc's or the gx4000. I guess this is also shown here.

Oh! sorry, I misunderstood...  :picard:


The Plus does't seem to kick out the right voltage for the RGB select pin to work. So cut the RGB select wire inside the SCART and place a 1.5v AA battery in line (preferably with a switch) and it will work like a charm. Battery negative, to the ground pin in the start, positive to the RGB select pin.


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