6 pin cord Cut CTM 644

Started by JPas2001, 12:08, 25 July 21

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Hello there !
First of all sorry for my bad English, hope you'll understand my problem.

I got the 6 pin cord Cut of my CTM 644 monitor. I want to replace this, but i dont found the colour code.

I got red, green , blue , yellow, black , white and brown cable. I don't know with which pin must be soldered.

Someone have this information ?

Thanks in advance.



I once changed the DIN connector on my CTM640 but basically it should have the same wire setup ... only thing is, I had no white wire but maybe I just forgot to write it down ....

Anyway (use at your own risk) :

Solder Side DIN
Pin 1 -> red (R)
Pin 2 -> green (G)
Pin 3 -> blue (B)
Pin 4 -> yellow (HSYNC)
Pin 5 -> black (GROUND)

so I still don't have a clue about white and brown, one should be luminance I guess .... maybe someone can fill the missing wire connections here ?

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