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Not being able to load a recorded tape / wav.

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Try a different CDT player, like my webapp as it's output has been proven to load on real hardware. (not that WinAPE is necessarily broken, but I have no personal experience with it.)

Oh, and I loaded the whole CDT archive @VincentGR posted here into it a few days back, just click "More CPC tapes" at the bottom to select one!

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But not with the bloody winape. It worked with JavaCPC.

Initially, I exported the program in wav through javacpc and the exported wav was identical with winape's exported wav.

and then I noticed in the options 44.1 Khz which I know as a musician that the correct combination is 44.1Khz - 16 bit.

And I said... this machine is not 16 bit, so let's try the 22Khz. And the exported file was 30 seconds (more reasonable than the 15). I mean, ok 15 sec is half, still reasonable, but a bit fast for an old computer maybe? 400 lines of code in 15 seconds seemed wrong since the beginning.


That is the happiest day of the year.
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As about the author or javacpc ?? What the fuck dude ? A bloody genius.

Shaun M. Neary:

--- Quote from: xubuntu on 13:55, 08 April 21 ---
But not with the bloody winape. It worked with JavaCPC.

--- End quote ---

Tried to tell you. Winape is still a good emulator for it's time, but it's wav support is absolutely horrible.
JavaCPC's author is none other than @Devilmarkus


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