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It is possible because I did it and it worked even with the floppy drive connected (but idle most of the time). However, I did not try it for long, to be honest, just to test the screen. In principle, just with the screen I think that you are a bit on the short side, since it officially provides 1.7A against the 2.4A of the CM-14. The HxC and the floppy drive of the Plus, as far as I recall, use both 500mA maximum, so it would be like powering a normal 6128 Plus from a 644.


I did it, and it works fine. I also have 2 5v only CPC 6128's as I have 5v drives in my old school machines too and they also work fine on a CTM too.
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From amstradtoday website:
6128+ 5V @ 2.4A
CTM-644 5V @ 1.7A
Of course it will takes less with a HxC, but I also read that the C4CPC takes more A than an usual cartridge. Well, of course I tried, it worked, but not sure if it's safe. I use a 4A PSU since..


2.4A and 1.7A is what the monitor CAN supply, not necessarily what the computer is pulling. We really need a table of what the bare machines actually use. It definitely isn't 2.4A. If I get a chance I'll measure the actually power requirements of each machine.



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