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Problem with a cpc

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Try reseating the Gate Array. Also check the solder joints on the CRTC, particularly pins 39 and 40.


It didn’t solve the problem. I resoldered the crt to be sure...

Have you cleaned the contacts on the monitor DIN plug and socket? Have you tried adjusting V-Hold?


Looking at the video, I am not convinced that we have connector issue.
Horizontal sync looks perfect, only vertical one is suspicious and could be a side effect of a ROM replacement dodgy work.
I can have a look at it if you want.

I checked the monitor and main board plug. No problem with it.
Monitor works well with another cpc.
By v-hold you mean behind the monitor ? Yes I tried, and I can adjust the image, it seems stable but with a border...

May be a rom issue, as I said the previous owner tried to replace the 40015, and he makes some damages on the board (the traces) so he put some wires to correct it (you can see the picture) I think it could be related... somehow... even if it seems right to me, I could have missed something...


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